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Marlene Holtzhausen| 05-2018 | Let us go on!

Ariel Keren-Or| 04-2018 | Getting stronger in the wilderness

Nicole Depreter | 18-06-2017 | Give it all, everything is mercy

Marlene Holtzhausen | 4 & 5 -06-2017 | The wedding

The invitation

The preparation – The Lord comes before prepared people

The preparation – No clothes, nothing to wear for the wedding


Nicole Depreter| 19-03-2017 | The book of Revelation: God’s tenderness, grace, mercy and kindness

Daniel Hakelbracht | 18-12-2016 | Free topic – genesis 26 – Izak and Abimelek


Seminar | Prayer and worship with the word | 3-12-2016 |


Kay Depreter | 31-10-2016 | Ears that hear, eyes that see.


Jonas Depreter | 11-09-2016 |

What is it to be a man/women after God’s heart?


Jan Marcelis and Yvo Verbeeck| 04-09-2016 

Part 1 |Jan


Agnes Devriese | God’s church as family | 21-08-2016 


Dorien Wittocx | Verhouding tussen angst en intimiteit  | 31-07-2016 

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The Power of a Quiet Time

The Power of a Quiet Time

Discover how a daily quiet time with God will help you develop an intimate relationship with Him and hear some practical and biblical advice on how to go about this.

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How to discover your calling:

How to discover your Calling:

How to discover your Calling:
John 15:4 "In the same way that a branch can't bear grapes by itself but only by being joined to the vine, you can't bear fruit unless you are joined with me"

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