What is your heart beating for?

A question where we are all pondering about. As heartbeat Church we want to go after the One who makes our heart beat, who gives us live. Our purpose in life is to be like Jesus, do what He does, speak like He speaks,…
in short: that our hearts may beat at the same rhythm as His.



With great joy we want to invite you and your family to the opening reception ofHeartbeat Church on the 26th of March 2016 at 2 PM in Jan Tieboutstraat 21, 1731 Zellik (Asse).
Could you let us know if you will be present before the 23th of March 2016?

Click here: I come!

Opening weekend


Sunday the 27th of March 2016

10 AM – 12 PM • Opening with Easter service – guest speaker Marlene Holtzhausen
2 PM – 10PM • In His presence: a continual worship event

Monday the 28th of March 2016

2 PM – 4 PM • Mini-seminar session 1 with Marlene Holtzhausen
6 PM – 8 PM • Mini-seminar session 2 with Marlene Holtzhausen


Jan Tieboutstraat 21, 1731 Zellik (Asse)



Marlene Holtzhausen is from South Africa where she did her university studies. She is called to serve as prophet. Previousely she worked as an intercessor in the team of Reinhardt Böncke. She travelled over the whole world as prophet until the Lord called her back to her roots (The Huguenots). So since 2000 she lives and serves in France. She walks intimately with the Lord and speaks His Word boldly.

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