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As a community of believers we desire to grow in the first place in our personal/individual relationship with our heavenly Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit. Secondly to build strong relationships based on our relationship with the trinity. We recognize that without this personal relationship with the trinity and growing in His love, everything else we do will be in vain….


Speakers that frequently visit us.

Marlene Holtzhausen Profeet | Inspirationele spreker

Wie is Marlene Holtzhausen?

Marlene Holtzhausen komt uit Zuid-Afrika, heeft universitaire studies gedaan, en is geroepen als profeet. Zij was actief als voorbidster in het team van Reinhart Böncke. Later heeft zij over de hele wereld gediend tot wanneer de Heer haar geroepen heeft naar haar roots (de Hugenoten), Marlene woont sinds begin 2000 in Frankrijk, tot op heden. Zij wandelt intiem met de Heer en spreekt vrijmoedig Zijn woord.

Ariel Keren Or
Ariel Keren Or

Walter Ariel Keren-Or is a Jewish Believer born in Brazil.
Being raised as a religious man by parents who has a strong Jewish tradition, Ariel Keren-Or went deep into his religious beliefs and became a Cantor in the synagogue where he grows up.
When he was only 4 years old he had an experience he couldn’t understand. At the age of 15 he experienced an infirmity that left him 18 months in hospital paralysed. At that spiritual and emotional situation he came to know the Lord Yeshua as his Messiah and personal Savior.
From that moment on Ariel Keren-Or was rejected by his family.
Ariel Keren-Or now travels through out 72 nations sharing the Message of Love and Grace. He has been visiting Europe and U.K. for over 16 years.