Vision – Heartbeat Church


What is your heart beating for?

“Cultivating personal and as a community intimacy with Father, Son and Holy Spirit to prepare His bride for the return of Jesus”

As a community of believers we desire to grow in the first place in our personal/individual relationship with our heavenly Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit. Secondly to build strong relationships based on our relationship with the trinity. We recognize that without this personal relationship with the trinity and growing in His love, everything else we do will be in vain. 

Our desire is to see individuals grow in the calling that God has put in their lives, to strengthen them in the Lord and release them as harvesters in the Kingdom. This through beholding the beauty of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, meditating and studying His word (the Bible), corporate prayer and worship and through fellowship with one another.


We pray to people to go in the love of God, Gospel 3: 17-19 – Math.9: 36-38)
Jesus has given the command to love. That is why we commit ourselves to moving and walking in Jesus Christ and at home in our community and world.


We want people with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit says the way to and brings us to the full truth. The full truth through Jesus Christ, our Lord. (2Cor13: 13 – 1Cor12: 3b – Joh.16: 13) The goal is to educate, educate, build and encourage people in a cozy, inviting atmosphere. They in relationship bring God to know they know Him in a personal and intimate way. Giving them the opportunity to grow their gifts and talents to full maturity, and to use them as God wants. Automatically a virtual machine is built and we go on the road. (Mark 16:15)


Because the church is composed on the basis of the apostles and prophets, with Jesus Christ as the cornerstone (2:20), we welcome apostles and prophets, and the prophetic ministry. We are called to be prophetic people. We speak and conduct only as we hear our Father and see how the door is the Holy Spirit, our touchstone is the Bible.

“All the things we do are with the purpose to prepare the bride (the church of Christ) for the return of Jesus Christ without spot or wrinkle because He is worthy.”